Andean Wedding or Andean Married

This Andean ceremony is much more important than a common conjugal union between two individuals, as it is a whole sacred ritual performed by an Andean Priest, together with all of andean wedding, ayahuasca in peru, andean wedding in perunature´s energies.

In the Andean wedding ceremony, not only do the people present participate, but also are present all the Sacred Deities considered in the Andean religion. We can mention here the main ones that constitute the Andean Duality which is composed of THE APUS (Mountain Spirits), representing the masculine side and THE PACHA MAMA (Earth Mother), representing the woman and in addition to these two Main Deities, Water is considered as the element that represents Purity and Fire which symbolizes the Path or Strength. Since many years ago, the Andeans, continuing with the traditions of our forefathers the Incas, kept on performing these ceremonies as they consider as sacred the perfect bond between man and woman, so that they might prosper and have complete happiness within the hands of the PACHA MAMA who will give them the products they might be able to have in their surroundings and the protection of the APUS who will be guardians against any enemy that might want to harm the couple.   

The Andean wedding ceremony is one of the simplest, in comparison with that of the Catholics in which the best dressed couple or whoever looks best is the one that had the best wedding. In this case, the luxury part doesn´t exist and the couple must step into the ceremony with an open and pure heart.

Ceremony Organizations.

The ceremony will take place outside the city of Cusco, so as not to have any contact with the Catholic religion, as this is a mystical ceremony and not a Catholic one.

Generally, the Andean wedding ceremonies start in the morning, as we´ll go to QUILLARUMIYOC, to perform the ceremony only in the course of the morning. Then, if the couple wishes to, they can go on with the Catholic and civil ceremony, in accordance with their program.

Normally, we perform the ceremony in the QUILLARUMIYOC  OR TIPON Archaeological Center; a place of great power and energy, where the vital liquid which is favorable to the undertaking of the ceremony, is also present. On the other hand, it is a magnetic religious center, because it is said that it used to be a temple where ceremonies were offered to MAMA QUILLA (Mother Moon) and for all of these reasons, it is considered by us as a place with many positive qualities for our ceremonies. But, we don´t discard the possibility that the interested parties might choose a place they find more convenient to organize their ceremonies.

The ceremony starts in QUILLARUMIYOC, at 9:30 a.m. and will last about three and a half hours, as it will end with the Purification and Flowering Ceremony, followed by the Ceremony of the Four Elements: Water, Fire, Air and Earth. During the ceremony, the Offering or “Despacho” Ceremony to the PACHA MAMA will be carried out, which consists in giving a matrimonial offering so that the PACHA MAMA might protect the Sacred Union which is being sealed. The ceremony is complemented by a series of activities, to confirm the union before the eyes of our Andean Gods, which can be:

ANILLO CHURACUY: (Exchange of Rings): The rings will have to be silver or gold, even if they are just plated, as each one of these metals has a meaning which will be revealed to you in the agency.

SUCHI TIYRAY: (Exchange of Presents): In this case, there is a series of mutual exchanges of presents between man and woman. The kind of products to be exchanged will be explained to you at the agency, as each product has a special meaning that only you will know at the moment of the ceremony.

T´INKAY (Drink of Honor): This ceremony is performed with a drink of Andean beverages that will be useful to strengthen the marital union from that moment on.

PICKNICK (Buffet): This is the food that is being offered to thank the guests, which is composed of Andean snacks and even of a main course dish. (This part of the ceremony is optional). 


After the andean wedding ceremony, we will transport to sacred valley to have a Buffets luch in a novoandina food restaurant to enjoy it. them we transport to your hotel to rest this nigh to enjoy  your HONEY MON, These selected hotels are to be able to enjoy the nature and also of the luxury for this important day in your life.


In the next day we tranfer you to cusco city to continue with your travel planing.

Includesandean wedding ceremony, andean ceremonies, ayahuasca in peru

  •  Andean Priest
  •  Transportation, only for the fiancés
  •  Offering to the PACHA MAMA, including the basic liquids for the ceremony
  •   Guide and translator
  •  Basic music for the ceremony.
  • Typical clothes, if the interested parties prefer it so
  • Hotel
  • Buffet luch for 02 people
  • Diner for two people
  • Transfer.

Does Not Include:

  • Clothes for the witnesses or other relatives
  • Transportation for the couple´s guests


 Rain clothes

 Adequate trekking shoes


 Camera or video cam

Some product for the offering (ask for the kind of product at the agency).


During the ceremony, it is necessary to make the exchange of presents which will be mentioned to you at the agency, so that the ceremony might be stronger, in the same way as for the products that you will take along for the Offering Ceremony, so that the individual or couple might identify better with the Offering Ceremony. All services that are not included can be offered and will represent an additional cost to the price of the package.


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